A Human's Purpose

By Millie The Dog With Maryann Roefaro

This book is for anyone searching for the deeper meanings in life and death. It is for those on a spiritual path who want to understand themselves and others more profoundly. Millie is an old soul that will steal your heart and help open your mind to new ideas and concepts that will allow for a greater infusion of love into all aspects of your being. This book can help a person create the conditions for a love and joy filled life. Millie would love to accompany you on your self-mastery journey!

We are all one. This Oneness of our existence knows when to speak and when to listen. Millie has written this book as a part of the Oneness, on behalf of the Oneness, in the spirit of unconditional love – the unconditional love of which we were all created.

In this book, Millie beautifully articulates a human’s purpose by sharing wisdom and insights from before and after birth through all the celebrations and challenges of life, until the last breath of the human vessel is taken when the soul knows no death.

Millie adds interesting stories to the mix, while she addresses topics such as unconditional love, God, heaven, hell, vibration, energy, birth, death, religion, families, divorce, parenting, intuition, personal and professional alignment and more. The book includes practical applications of the concepts discussed, an on-track checklist and tips for creating the conditions for a joy filled life.

For an open-minded individual who is searching for love, internal strength, resilience or just more meaning in their life, this book has the potential to be life altering. Don’t be fooled because Millie is a dog!